Remembering Jerome

[ Plaque commémorative sur Jérôme, cimetière de Meteghan ]

Commemorative plaque to Jerome, Meteghan cemetery, Lise Robichaud,

Jerome died approximately 100 years ago. Even so, he is still remembered today. Residents of St. Mary’s Bay still tell his story and speculate about his origins. Journalists and writers still publish articles and books about him. Jerome continues to be part of the collective psyche of the Acadian community of Clare. A monument has been erected to him. A residence for the handicapped has been named after him. Songs have been written about him. He has been depicted in paintings, and a film has been made that was inspired by his life.

In this section, you can read and listen to the many versions of the Jerome legend that have emerged since the beginning of the 20th Century. You will notice that over time, Jerome’s story has changed. People have actually forgotten the major dates in his life, like when he arrived in Nova Scotia, even the date of his death. The few facts that are known have been replaced by speculations, which by dint of repetition begin to seem like truth. As you will see, publications about Jerome often repeat themselves, copying from one another without quoting or crediting their sources. In short, Jerome’s story is being transformed into legend.

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