[ La Maison Jérôme a eu son ouverture officielle ]

The Maison Jerome had its official opening, Jean-Pascal Vanhove,

In Church Point:

Grand opening of the Maison Jerome

by Jean-Pascal Vanhove

Church Point: The Maison Jerome, a home for the handicapped, officially opened on Saturday afternoon, May 27. A large number of people attended the ceremony, which took place under sunny skies.

Albert Dugas, who was the promoter of the project and had devoted a great deal of time to it, was master of ceremonies for the occasion. He began by introducing the committee that had worked on this project: Gisele Thibault, Louise Doucet, Jean Blinn, Steve LeBlanc, Louise LeBlanc and Albert Dugas.

Gisele Thibault then introduced the employees of the Maison: Sister Pauline Armstrong (director), Georgette LeBlanc and Joanne Jordan (full-time employees) and Alain Saulnier, Suzanne Saulnier and Janet Belliveau (part-time employees).

Next it was the eight residents of the Maison who were introduced by Sister Pauline Armstrong. They are Simone Comeau, Glendon d'Entremont, Georges Dugas, Eve Hicks, Roland Langford, Marcel LeBlanc, Hector Saulnier and June Saulnier. The residents presented Albert Dugas with a plaque in recognition of his work and dedication.

Mr. Dugas then named a number of VIPs who were present or represented at the ceremony: Greg Wiseman, district coordinator of community and social services; Carl Deveau, a municipal worker from Clare; Sam Cummings; Bonnie van Tassell; Del Boudreau, deputy reeve of the Municipality of Argyle; Andrée McConnell, who had been working on the Maison Jerome project for five years; Gordon MacPherson and Paul-Emile Robichaud, from the Department of Housing; Harry Jost, architect; Art Manley, from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation; and Paul LeBlanc, from Church Point Construction, which had performed the work.

Albert Dugas also thanked Dominion Specialty Fabrics, the Richelieu Club, the Clare Lions, Hector Comeau, Cosman Estates, the Bill Lynch Fund and Université Sainte-Anne. These organizations and individuals had all contributed significantly to the Maison’s development through donations.

Jean Melanson said a few words on behalf of the Clare Municipal Council. He congratulated Albert Dugas and his team on their excellent work. Mr. Melanson also mentioned the important role played in the project by Guy LeBlanc, MLA for Clare and Minister of Community Services.

Mr. LeBlanc spoke next. He emphasized the fact that the Maison Jerome is the only institution of its kind in this part of Nova Scotia. One of the unique features of the home is the fact that each resident has a room of his own, thus providing a measure of independance.

Guy LeBlanc expressed great satisfaction in how the project succeeded thanks to the common efforts of every partner. He concluded by presenting a plaque and the flag of Nova Scotia to the Maison Jerome. It was Guy LeBlanc who performed the official opening. He cut the ribbon held by the Maison’s eight residents.

Lastly, Father Vincent Dumas, priest of the parish of Church Point, performed the blessing of the Maison. For the remainder of the afternoon the many guests were free to explore the home. Everyone was impressed with the facilities provided for the handicapped and the excellent conditions in which they are housed.

Source: Jean-Pascal Vanhove, "Grand opening of the Maison Jerome ," Le courrier de la Nouvelle-Écosse, May 31, 1989.

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