Dedier’s House

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Doll’s head found in the walls of "Jerome’s room", Caroline-Isabelle Caron,

Jerome lived with Dedier Comeau’s family for 42 years. It goes without saying that the house in St. Alphonse played an important role in his life. The house that stands today was built in 1902. Jerome spent the last ten years of his life there. Witnesses note that Jerome spent his days looking out the kitchen window or warming himself by the fire. The authors of this site have reconstructed the floor plan of the original house (as it was prior to being completely renovated in the 1940s) to recreate for you the kitchen as it was in Jerome’s day, with all the furniture and accessories that were there at the time. You will also see different items that were in the house while Jerome was alive and hear accounts from people who visited it.


Oral History or Interview