While Jerome was alive and since his death, dozens of people have tried to solve the mystery surrounding this stranger. More often than not, the theories are shrouded in a veil of legend and range from the highly serious to the highly outlandish. Certainties are few and far between in this maelstrom of information. Rooted in legend, Jerome’s story is one of unresolved mystery, where the fog surrounding his origins is the only thing about him of which people from the Bay can be certain.

Where did Jerome come from? What was his occupation before his spectacular arrival at Sandy Cove? Why did he remain silent? And what about the other mystery man from Chipman, New Brunswick, who resembled Jerome so much?

In this section you will have the opportunity to read many of the articles and chapters of books devoted to Jerome over the last century. You will notice that they contradict one another freely and that few people cite their sources, though they don’t hesitate to copy from one another. You can also listen to the accounts of residents of Clare who knew Jerome while he was alive. These people offer their observations about the man and how he lived, often contradicting the legend. They don’t always manage to escape it, however, and the influence of the articles and books that were published over the course of a century occasionally blurs their memories.

Chapters in Books

Oral History or Interview