Though the mystery of Jerome is centered on his discovery in 1863, his story doesn’t end there. Jerome lived for 42 years with the family of Dedier Comeau in St. Alphonse, from 1870 until his death in April 1912. Throughout those years, members of the Comeau family, in particular Zabeth, Dedier’s wife, took care of him, giving him a place to stay and feeding, clothing and nursing him. Slowly, despite his silence and apathy, he became a member of the family and saw the Comeau children grow up. In this section, you can explore the reality of Jerome’s daily life.

You will first of all see what life was like At the Home of Dedier Comeau and His Family in St. Alphonse and Jerome’s place in the household. Next, you will notice that Jerome was put On Show during a good part of his life. Finally, after a tour of Dedier’s House you will see how Jerome’s story ends, when he dies at last, taking his secret with him to the grave.