Will Erect Memorial To Mysterious “Jerome”

Next summer, on the 60th Anniversary of his death, the mysterious personage known only as “Jerome,” will be commemorated by the erection of a permanent memorial beside the Highway in front of the cemetery at Meteghan.

Something over a century ago "Jerome" was put ashore, presumably from a foreign ship, seen hovering off the coast the day before, on the Fundy shore at Sandy Cove. Both legs had been professionally amputated at the knees.

Taken first to Meteghan and later to St. Alphonse, he lived among and was cared for by the Acadian people for some, fifty years.

During that whole long period he resolutely refused to talk or to reveal any clue to his identity, his country of origin, or the reason for his marooning.

Truly his is one of the most mysterious of all the mystery stories of all time, and it is well that “Jerome,” and this unique incident in our history, should thus be permanently memorialized. (R.B.)

Source: R.B., "Will Erect Memorial To Mysterious "Jerome"," The Vangard (?), 1967.

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