“Mystery Man” From the Sea An “Unrepentant Pilgrim”


"Mystery Man" From The Sea An "Unrepentant Pilgrim", Anonymous,

Church Point—Large rock on the beach of Sandy Cove on the Bay of Fundy shore where the mystery man, Jerome, was found by George Albright of Sandy Cove over 100 years ago. Jerome was lying near this huge rock, the only one on the beach, which is crescent shaped of sand, with both legs amputated at the knees. Skillfully placed bandages covered the stubs of the legs and the amputation itself appeared to be the work of a skilled surgeon.

Leaning against the rock, Jerome had only a tin of biscuits and a can of water by his side but it is said that he was well attired in well groomed clothing. He never spoke except in mutterings which in most cases were difficult to understand. He was taken to the home of Samuel Gidney, where he remained for some time.

Mr. Albright recalled seeing an unknown vessel in the Bay of Fundy, the day before, which hovered around the cove. The vessel was one which was not ordinary seen in those parts which may have been a pirate ship or a man-o-war.

Jerome was taken to the home of John Nicholas, a Corsican who could speak several languages and he was convinced that Jerome understood several of them, although the latter never spoke a word. In over 40 years it was only on a few occasions that he was caught off guard.

Once, when asked suddenly where he came from he is said to have muttered “Trieste” and on another occasion when asked to name the ship from which he was sailing he mentioned a word that sounded like Colombo. On other occasions he went into blazing rages which lasted several days, especially when he heard the words, traitor, pirate. He lived among the Acadians of the municipality of Clare for years and was well liked by them. He was taken care of by Dedier Comeau of St. Alphonse (William) and the house where Mr. Comeau lived can still be seen and is the home of Louis Boudreau. St. Alphonse is an Acadian village south of Meteghan on highway No.1, toward Yarmouth.

Jerome died in 1908, which would bring the time that he was found at Sandy Cove around the 1850’s. The provincial government paid an allowance of $104.00 per year for his keep. Jerome was buried in the Meteghan cemetery.

Source: Anonymous, ""Mystery Man" From The Sea An "Unrepentant Pilgrim"," Halifax Chronicle Herald?, n.d.

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