Municipality of Clare January 1906

Ordered that six thousand five hundred dollars ($6.500) be assessed and collected in the Municipality of Clare, for Municipal and Educational purpose the present year, and one thousand five hundred ($1 500) Dollars be assessed and collected for the support of the poor in the Municipality the present year.

Resolved that the following bills be paid
Dr. Elderkin Attending Poor $ 7.50
Dr Hallet 127.50
Joseph C Comeau 4.00
Anselm B Comeau 4.85
Hilarion G Le Blanc 2.50
Anselm P Comeau 5.25
Salmon Brothers for Coffin 12.50
Bengamine Belliveau Poor Supplies 18.75
Desire L Deveau to poor House account 8.00
Lary Maillet 17.01
$ 207.86

Source: Municipality of Clare, Minute Books, Minute Book no. 2, From January 1905 to January 15th, 1915., Municipality of Clare, Resolutions on the administration of the poor in Clare, 1906, January 31, 1906, 41.

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