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The authors of this Internet archive have worked hard to gather together virtually all of the articles and chapters of books that have been written about Jerome since the middle of the 19th Century. We were the first “professional” historians to study his case. Few publications about Jerome cannot be found here. The Acadians of Nova Scotia have been neglected by historians, who have concentrated instead on the Acadians of New Brunswick. As well, the town of Clare is often forgotten in studies of the Acadian communities of Nova Scotia. There are more local, amateur and self-published works on St. Mary’s Bay than there are studies by university researchers.

There are, however, some very good publications that will enable you to better explore and understand the lives of the poor, the handicapped and immigrants in the Maritimes, as well as the Acadian society in which Jerome lived. These are the works that you will find in this bibliography.

Other Online Sources

Official Site of the Municipality of Clare (external link)

Official Site of the Acadian Region of St. Mary’s Bay (external link)

Life and Immigration in the Maritimes of the 19th Century

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