Municipality of Clare May 1899

Tenders having been advertised for for a Keeper of the poor house and farm, three tenders having been received, and Severin F. Deveau tender for $200.00 per annum was accepted.

A.H. Comeau tender for supplies for the Poor house for the town was accepted.

The following resolution was made by Councellor M.N. Comeau and Passed.

Be is ordered by the council that the following in re support of the poor with the municipality of Clare (viz)

1st Poor house when used in any of the by laws or regulations of the Municipality of Clare shall mean the poor house recently built at Meteghan by said Municipality for the use of the paupers of the different poor districts in the Municipality of Clare.

2nd The Overseers of the Poor appointed from time to time for the said poor districts in the Municipality of Clare, shall have power to remove all paupers applying to said Overseer for relief to said poor house, and if in any case any said pauper should refuse to go in be removed to said poor house the overseer of the of the Municipality shall not be [responsible] for their keep or support. Provided however that nothing herein contained shall prevent the overseer of the poor from giving outside relief should they see fit to do so.

Source: Municipality of Clare, Minute Books, Minute Book no. 1, From April 30th. 1867 to January 1905, Municipality of Clare, Resolutions on the Poor House at Meteghan, 1899, May 31, 1899, 613.

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