About 300 artifacts were found in the Ingstad excavation. About half of these were from the native occupations. The majority of the Norse objects were iron nail fragments, with a few small personal items such as a bronze pin, a bone needle, a needle hone, a spindle whorl, and a small gilded brass fragment.

About 2030 artifacts were recovered during the 1973-1976 excavations. Again about half were from the aboriginal occupations, and most of these were of stone. The majority of the Norse objects were of wood and were found in the bog adjacent to the Norse buildings. However, Aboriginal artefacts were also found here, some in a layer below the Norse artifacts, and some in a layer above them.

Most of the Norse wood was carpentry waste. A few were artifacts which had been broken and discarded.

Bundle of spruce roots after conservation

Cut Post

Fragmentary Boat Nail

Fragment of bone needle found in the longfire in hall D

Bone Needle Reconstruction

Bone pin with Yarn East Settlement, Greenland