[ Mr. Fleet, Montreal, QC, 1886 ]

Unknown, Musée McCord Museum, II-80836.1, Lawyer Charles Fleet was related to the Redpaths through marriage. Amy Redpath’s diaries record his frequent visits to the family home on Sherbrooke Street West. He appeared as a witness there during the coroner’s inquest. For more information about this image please click here

Lawyer Charles Fleet was related to the Redpaths through marriage, having wedded John Redpath and Jane Drummond’s daughter Augusta Eleanor Redpath on May 17, 1884. He fathered four children: Isabella, Jane, Charles, and Eleanor. According to the 1901 census-taker, the family inhabited a 21-room villa on Ontario Avenue (now de la Montagne) along with house staff that included a housemaid, nurse, nursery maid, and tablemaid.

Amy Redpath’s diaries show that Charles Fleet and his family—who lived only a few blocks away—were frequent visitors at 1065 Sherbrooke Street. Fleet also served as a witness at the coroner’s inquest into Ada and Jocelyn Clifford’s deaths. Fleet died at his home on Ontario Avenue on September 13, 1927 at the age of 76. He was interred in the Redpath family plot at the Mount Royal Cemetery.

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