[ J.J. Redpath, Montreal, QC, 1881 ]

Notman & Sandham, Musée McCord Museum, II-59823.1, John James Redpath knew nothing of the tragic death of his wife and son in 1901, as he had died in 1884. He was less interested than his brother Peter in the business of refining sugar. For more information about this image please click here

John James was born on January 13, 1834, the youngest child of John Redpath and Janet McPhee. He was only six months old when his mother died suddenly from cholera. John James married Ada Maria Mills on August 20, 1867 in Putney near London England. He fathered five children: Amy, Peter, Reginald, Harold, and Clifford. In the early years of their marriage, Ada and John James traveled to Europe with their young family.

John James worked for a time in the family sugar refinery but what role he played in the business is unclear. In 1860, he became a partner in the firm but left the refinery eight years later to pursue a career as an officer in the Victoria Rifles. He died on June 4, 1884, the cause of death listed as paralysis, and was buried in the Redpath family plot at the Mount Royal Cemetery.

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