John Hutchinson Bill

Ordered Payment
J. E. Chair

Poor Masters of the Parish of Chipman to John Hutchison Dr.


March 5To keeping the Italian man called himself Aralamo brought to me by Mr. White and taken away by Mr. White Poor Master
June 8Making 95 Days at 1 Dollar per Day$ 95.00
153 yards of Swansdown 75 cents0.75
193 yards of white cotton 30 cents0.30
Making shirt 25 cents 1 striped shirt 55 cents0.80
April 33 yards of white cotton 33 cents0.33
101 striped Shirt 80 cents0.80
$ 97.98

Source: New Brunswick Provicial Archives, Queen's County, Health and Welfare, Overseers of the Poor, Chipman Parish, 1839-1877, RS154 E3e, Unknown, "John Hutchison Bill 1861," ca. April 31, 1861.

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