Taking Care of a Stranger

[ Local de la loge orangiste de Gagetown ]

Orange Lodge hall in Gagetown, Caroline-Isabelle Caron,

The poor Italian seemed incapable of communicating with anyone. His legs were severely frostbitten. It was unlikely he’d be able to care for himself, and no one knew him. He literally had no means of support. Out of Christian charity, the Overseers of the Poor bore the cost of his long-term care.

The various people who were in charge of the poor took turns housing him, but it became obvious that something needed to be done about his legs. In March 1861, Gamby was taken to Doctor Henry Peters in Gagetown, who amputated him at the knees. During his three-month convalescence, he stayed in Gagetown at the home of John Hutchinson, the county jailer. In June 1861, he was brought back to Chipman, where he stayed with George Gallager’s family until 1863.

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