Thjodhild Jorundardaughter (Ůiˇ­hildr Iorun­ardˇttir)

Wife of Eirik the Red, Thjodhild was the mother of Thorsten and Leif. Thjodhild was the daughter of Jorund Atlason and Thorbj÷rg Ship-Breast. Her mother was later married to the wealthy Thorbj÷rn from Haukadal. Thjodhild is said to have converted to Christianity when Leif returned from Norway around the year 1000, bringing with him a priest sent to Greenland by the Norwegian king. She supposedly built a church on Eirik’s estate, the first church in Greenland. According to the sagas, Eirik did not approve of the new religion. It is not known when Thjodhild died.

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