Freydis Eiriksdaughter (Freydis EirÝksdˇttir) and Thorvard (Ůorvar­r – we do not know who his father was, hence have no patronymic for him)

The illegitimate daughter of Eirik the Red, Freydis was married to Thorvard, owner of Gardar (present-day Igaliko), one of the richest estates in Greenland. Freydis and Thorvard led the fourth expedition to Vinland in companionship with two Icelandic traders, Helgi and Finnbogi. Once in Vinland, she decided to acquire the cargo collected by the Icelanders. She had their entire crew killed and instructed her people to say that the Icelandic ship had been lost. However, word of this evil deed leaked out. Nobody thought well of her after that but Leif refrained from punishing her because she was his sister.

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