Leif Eriksson in "The Saga of Olaf the Holy"

Chapter 85


[...] He [King Olaf] says, ‘you shall take Hrærek [King of Sweden] to Greenland and take him to Leif Eriksson.'

Thorarinn [a merchant from Iceland] answers, 'I have never been to Greenland.'

The king says, 'A merchant like you can now make your goal to go to Greenland, if you have not been there earlier.'


[...]Then Thorarinn made his ship ready and when it was ready to sail, he took King Hrærek with him.

When King Olaf and Thorarinn parted, Thorarinn said, 'if it now so happens, my king, as it is not uncommon and often can happen that we will not make the voyage to Greenland but end up in Iceland or other countries, then where would you like me to land this king?' [...]

He sailed off southern Iceland [...] and so west around land from there to the Greenland Sea. Then he met with big storms and heavy rolling, but as the summer vaned, he landed in Breidafjord in Iceland.

Source: B. Wallace, trans., "[Leif Eriksson in] Óláfs saga helga [Saga of Olaf the Holy] " in Heimskringla Snorra Sturlusonar. Konungasögur. Volume 2, Páll Eggert Ólason (Reykjavik: Menntamálaráð og þjóðvinafélag , 1947), 96-97.

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