[ Dr. Harry Ebbs sifts soil at Mowat cemetery site exhumation ]

Dr. Harry Ebbs sifts soil at Mowat cemetery site exhumation, Unknown, 1956-10-05, Algonquin Park Archives, APMA 6736

Questions regarding Thomson’s death have perplexed investigators for many decades. Since the tragedy, investigators have used many different strategies to document his life, as well as to uncover an abundance of new evidence regarding Thomson’s death.

Each strategy used by investigators to uncover information regarding the Thomson tragedy has offered its own advantages and disadvantages. Some investigators argue the information they found supported existing theories of how Thomson died, while others declared the information they discovered justified new theories regarding Thomson’s demise. Of course, new insights usually also lead to new questions.

Carefully weigh the evidence produced by investigators to support various theories of Thomson’s death, as well as the successes and failures of the strategies used by each investigator.