[ Refilling the grave ]

Refilling the grave, Unknown [Dr. Harry Ebbs?], 1956-09-30, Algonquin Park Archives, APMA 6738, From left to right: Jack Eastaugh, William Little, Leonard Gibson, Frank Braucht. In his 1970 book, "The Tom Thomson Mystery", William Little does not provide the exact date his group dug at the Mowat cemetery site. His narrative of the events, along with reports in the "Globe and Mail" and "Toronto Star", place the likely date of the dig as Sunday, September 30

During the 1950s, William Little, an administrator of an Ontario reformatory, began to explore the questions surrounding Thomson’s death. Compelled by a suspicion that some important aspects of the story remained unconsidered, Little engaged in a rather unorthodox research method which resulted in a significant amount of new testimony and material evidence being brought forward.

As comparison of the documents in this section with those in other areas of Interpretations will show, the methods used by researchers can differ greatly, and can lead to distinctly different types of findings. How the research method might help to shape the findings, however, is a critical concern you will have to address.

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