June Graham, "The mystery of Tom Thomson", CBC Times, Feb. 1 -7, 1969

June Graham previews color special to be seen Thursday, February 6th, at 9:00 p.m.

[…] This Thursday night, February 6th, in an hour-long tv color special, entitled Was Tom Thomson Murdered?, the life, career, untimely death and unanswered questions about this distinguished Canadian artist will be reviewed in drama-documentary style, based on special research by Judge William Little [...]

Among those interviewed in the film are Judge Little; officers of Toronto’s Crime Lab; and experts on identification of skeletons, who give opinions about the skeleton found in Thomson’s original grave in 1956. The film also shows many of Thomson’s important works. The drama portion of the film features Jack Eastaugh as Thomson. A school principal in Toronto and an amateur painter long interested in Thomson, Eastaugh was one of the four men who dug up the grave in 1956, and looks remarkably like the artist. [...]

This is a logical, intriguing and tasteful glimpse of a great artist, a shy lover of nature whose expressions of affection for Canada’s wild, free spaces were boldly eloquent; and of the strange events that cut off this voice at the height of his career.

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