Arthur Lismer, Letter to Dr. James MacCallum, Oct. 11, 1914

Mowat P. O., Oct. 11, 1914

Dear Dr MacCallum

We have had a glorious week of colour. The glory of it has somewhat departed now after the heavy rain of yesterday & today which has left big windy skies & promise of cold clear weather. [...] I am finding it far from easy to express the riot of full colour & still keep the landscape in a high key. — Thomson and Jackson are camped just opposite Fraser's and both are doing fine work & each having a decided influence upon the other -- Thomson [...] seems to be selecting his material carefully & using a finer sense of colour than his previous work shows. [...] The material here is more intimate Varley and I are struggling to create something out of it all. and hope to have something to show as a result of our effort.


Yours very sincerely,
Arthur Lismer

Source: Library and Archives, National Gallery of Canada, Dr. James M. MacCallum papers, Arthur Lismer, Letter to Dr. James MacCallum, October 11, 1914

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