Artists and Patrons

As their art-making developed, Tom Thomson and his friends benefited from the attention of a number of supporters. These supporters lent a variety of types of assistance — discussing the artists’ ideas with them, providing them places to live or work, or helping them sell their art.

One important supporter was Dr. James MacCallum. Thomson and several of his friends corresponded with MacCallum regularly, and visited his cottage at Go Home, on the east side of Georgian Bay. MacCallum invited artists there to paint with him, purchased their art works, and helped arrange sales. He was also instrumental in promoting Thomson’s art work after the artist’s death.

When we think of artists, it is sometimes easy to forget the role of their supporters in their success, but the documents here hint that patrons and supporters had some clear interests in Thomson’s life, and his death. Could these be relevant to understanding Thomson’s untimely demise?

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