Margaret Thomson, Letter to Dr. James MacCallum, Sept. 9, 1917

Timmins, Ont.
Sept. 9th, 1917

Dear Sir,


I might say that I met Miss Trainor of Huntsville in Toronto. She told me she had known Tom for four years and spoke as though she thought a great deal of him. [...] She said that Tom didn't like Mr. Fraser, as he hadn't a good principle. She said that he was intending to leave there in a week or so, and that he didn't want them to know where he was going, as they were so curious about everything. She said that he had warned her not to put anything in her letters that she wouldn't care to have them read, as they always seemed to know his business. He said he didn't know whether they opened his letters in the office or whether they read them after he had opened them, as he used to leave them in his overcoat pocket. She said that Mr. Fraser was the meanest man she ever saw and that her Father detested him. She said he even tried to sell Tom's shoes after he was gone. [...] She said that the telegram which my brother sent with the directions telling what to do with the body, Mr Fraser received and didn't let on to anyone. She said she couldn't understand why he wanted to keep that to himself. Sometimes I wonder if the man did do anything to harm Tom. I suppose it is wicked to think such a thing, but if anyone did harm him, it was for the little money they could pocket.


Yours Sincerely,
Margaret Thomson

Source: Library and Archives, National Gallery of Canada, Dr. James M. MacCallum papers, Margaret Thomson, Letter to Dr. James MacCallum, September 9, 1917

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