Alex Sinclair song:
'Tom Thomson', composed and performed by Alex Sinclair (2008). Commissioned for 'Death On A Painted Lake: The Tom Thomson Tragedy'.

Credit for any use should be given to Alex Sinclair and the Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History. For more information regarding Alex Sinclair's work, visit:


The eleven brief video clips provided below describe aspects of Tom Thomson’s life and death, and include dramatizations of theories regarding how Thomson died. Persons appearing in the video are actors, not associates of Thomson, and the scenes depicted are presented as imagined by the directors and actors, not actual historical footage.


All clips are excerpts from:
Dark Pines: a documentary investigation into the death of Tom Thomson
copyright 2005, Laughing Mountain Communications Inc.

Director: David Vaisbord
Writer/Producer: Ric Beairsto
Director of Photography: Jonathan Benny
Editor: Rafi Spivak
Composer: John Korsrud
Sound Design: Jonathan Ritchie
Graphics: Furio Sorrentino
Narrator: David Hoole
Cast: David Abbott, Pamela Perry, Mathew Walker, William B. Davis,
David Bloom, Mary Black, Judith Berlin, Tim Webber

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