George Thomson, Letter to J. S. Fraser, Dec. 25, 1917

Dec. 25th, 1917
The Quinnipiack club
New Haven, Conn.

Dear Sir:- I am the brother of Tom Thomson who visited Canoe Lake last July. Only a few weeks ago I was informed for the first time that the coroner's conclusion at the inquest was that Tom had taken his own life based on evidence given soley by you and Mrs Fraser.

While I was there both you and Mrs Fraser protested over and over your great friendship for Tom, and from what I learn from various sources there was reason that you should entertain some such feeling, as a mighty good friend he had apparently been to you. [...]

Now I want to say in passing that I have from various sources a pretty accurate account of what happened at the inquest and in common with other friends and relatives of Tom's am more firmly convinced than ever that his death was caused either by accident or foul play and not by suicide. He had altogether too much to live for -- many true friends and a remarkable success in his chosen profession.


Yours etc.
George Thomson

Source: Library and Archives, National Gallery of Canada, Dr. James M. MacCallum papers, George Thomson, Letter to J. S. Fraser, December 25, 1917

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