I. A. Humphries, Memorandum to the Attorney General Re: Tom Thomson, Aug. 6 1931

I have carefully read the attached Memorandum in connection with the above named.

This happened a long time ago, – over 14 years, – and it would be useless in my view, for any further direction as to an inquest as I am satisfied it would lead nowhere as the examination of the body at this date would practically prove nothing as no doubt there would be nothing but the skeleton.

What apparently is desired is to have this grave dug up to see if there is any burial made at this place, or if the body was actually removed.

Under the Cemetaries Act you can direct the disinterment of any dead body where you deem it expedient for the purpose of inquiry as to the cause of death or for the purpose of any criminal proceeding. The grounds therefore at this late date for you to act upon are slim.

I have considered what might be done and if the family are satisfied as to the digging up of this grave, they might them get in touch with the Medical Officer of Health for that particular district, – arrange to have this done under his supervision and direction.

I am against a [fiat?] [being?] issued for many reasons.

E. B. Bayly

I.A. Humphries,
Acting Deputy Attorney-General.

Source: Archives of Ontario, RG 4-32 'Attorney General Central Registry Criminal and Civil Files', File #2225, I. A. Humphries, "Memorandum to the Attorney General re: Tom Thomson," August 6, 1931

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