Major General C. H. Bridges, Letter to Blodwen Davies, June 27, 1931

WASHINGTON [D.C., United States of America]

A.G.201 Belcher or Bletcher, Martin

June 27, 1931.

Mr. Blodwen Davies,
Toronto, Canada.

Dear Sir:

I have your letter of June 13, 1931, requesting information as to whether the records show that Martin Belcher, or Bletcher, presumably of Buffalo, New York, was a draft evader.

The draft records show that Martin H. Blecher, Jr., Order No. 2117a, a registrant of the Local Board for Division No. 12, Buffalo, New York, registered on November 27, 1917, giving his home address as 81 Blaine Avenue, Buffalo, date and place of birth as July 11, 1891, Buffalo, and his occupation as private investigator employed by William J. Burns, 315 White Building, Buffalo. The records show that he was ordered to report for military duty and entrainment by his Local Board on August 24, 1918, and because of his failure to report as ordered, he was certified to The Adjutant General of the Army as a deserter. Correspondence on file with his record shows that he subsequently voluntarily reported to the Local Board and upon investigation of his case the board found his desertion to be nonwilful and reported the facts in the case to Selective Service Headquarters, Albany, New York. On February 13, 1919, those Headquarters recommended to the Commanding General, Camp Dix, New Jersey, that the registrant be discharged from the military service and the records show that such action was taken.

Very truly yours,
CH Bridges
Major General,
The Adjutant General.

Source: Library and Archives Canada/Bibliotheque et Archives Canada, MG30 D38 'Blodwen Davies fond', Vol. 11, Major General Bridges, Letter to Blodwen Davies, June 27, 1931. Notes: Original document withdrawn from circulation. Copy available on microfilm C-4579

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