Letter from Ada Maria Mills Redpath to Children

New York

My Dear Children

The doctors say that it would be much better if I could remain until Monday — they want me to get quite accustomed to my new brace before I leave, & find out all its faults. So that they can send me home in good order & comfortable for they do not want me to have to come back here very very soon. You see, there is no one in Montreal who can alter the brace & change it if it should hurt me, & it is better that I should stay here until they have made it fit well. It has hurt me dreadfully, but every day they make some little change, & tonight it is more comfortable, although not quite right yet, & I cannot walk at all yet without my crutches. It stretches my leg so much that it makes it an inch longer than the well leg, & the doctors say that I must let them put a thick 3/4 inch sole on the boot of my well foot. If they do this poor Harold will think me more of a giant than ever. But never mind, if they will only let me go home I will be willing to wear any thing they please, and you my darlings will be so glad to see your Mother that you won't stop to find fault with her looks.[…]

God bless you my precious children

Your loving Mother

Source: Ada Maria Mills Redpath, Letter from Ada Maria Mills Redpath to Children, n.d

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