[ John Donnelly in Death, This drawing originally appeared in the 1880 newspaper coverage of the Donnelly murders.  It is reprinted in Donald L. Cosens, ed.

Unlike many other crimes, the murder of the Donnellys has not been forgotten. Remarkably, immediately after the second trial it appeared that yet another trial might take place. Nothing came of this, however. The Donnelly family, particularly Will Donnelly, moved on with their lives, but they promised to avenge the deaths of their dear family members. The communities of Lucan and Biddulph also moved on in the aftermath of crimes. What is most interesting, however, is how the murder of the Donnellys has fascinated thousands, from the days immediately following the murders in 1880, all the way up until the present. The echoes of this crime, and perhaps even the ghosts of the Donnellys, can still be heard today.