Montagnais in “Of Savages, 1603”

When we got to Tadoussac we found the same party of Montagnais we had first met on the Iroquois. Ten of their canoes, we found, had surprised three of the Iroquois at the first lake. They had overpowered them [...]

Before the Montagnais set out on the warpath they all get together in a big open square, wearing their best beavers and other skins and decked out with beads and necklaces of all sorts and colours. Their war-chief is a Sagamo by the name of Begourat and with him at their head they march one behind the other with their bows and arrows, clubs and shields ready for battle.[...]

Source: Samuel de Champlain, "[Montagnais in] Of Savages, 1603" in The Works of Samuel de Champlain, vol. I, H.P.Biggar (Toronto and Buffalo: University of Toronto Press, 1971), 105-106. Notes: 1971 Reprint

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