Canoe Lake (and vicinity), Algonquin Park, Ontario

[ Canoe Lake ]

Canoe Lake

Source: William Little, "Canoe Lake (and vicinity), Algonquin Park, Ontario," 1970, vi. Notes: 1. Original Thomson gravesite. 2. Thomson's body recovered. 3. Mowat Lodge 4. Winnie Trainor's cottage 5. The Bletcher cotttage 6. Gill Lake portage 7. Alternate Gill Lake portage 8. Guide's cabin 9. Canoe Lake train station 10. Mark Robinson's house 11. Algonquin Hotel 12. Coulson's store 13. Joe Lake dam 14. Favourite camping site of Thomson's 15. Thomson cairn (also a favourite Thomson camping site) 16. Thomson's canoe found

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