Ja’s Watson headstone, Mowat cemetery

In Memory of Ja’s Watson
The First White Person Buried
Canoe Lake
Died May 25 1897 being one of
about 500 employed at this Camp by
the Gilmour Lumbering Co. Aged 21 yrs

Remember Comrades (when passing by)
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you shall be
Prepare thyself to follow me.

[ The grave of James Watson ]

The grave of James Watson, Tom Thomson, 1912, Library and Archives Canada/Bibliotheque et Archives Canada, e002343707, Photo of a fenced-in monument (rock) erected to the memory of James Watson (1876-1897), the first white person to be buried at Canoe Lake, in Algonquin Park. Watson was an employee of the Gilmour Lumber Company. His grave is located about 8.5 metres from the place where Tom Thomson was temporarily buried on July 17, 1917

Engraved gratis by a comrade, D. W. McCain

Source: Mowat cemetery, Unknown, Ja’s Watson headstone, Mowat cemetery, ca. June 31, 1897

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