Sworn Testimony of Sue Tas (Dick)

Cowichan, Wednesday the seventh day of April one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine.

Sue tas, Alias Dick, an Indian of Plumpers Pass, being sworn upon his Oath Saith,

About one year since I was at Chemainus when an Indian named Tom said he would go home with me to Plumpers Pass. We went in a canoe together. We called at Salt Spring Island, Tom went up to Robinsons house, I stayed in the canoe till I got cold, I then went up to the house and warmed myself at the fire. When I got to the house Robinson was cooking some food. The Indian Tom was sitting near the fire, he had his gun with him, Tom said if he shot the black man I was to look for all the good things. I was afraid and went out of the house, before I went out of the house Robinson had sat down to his food. After I got out of the house I heard a gun fired and Tom called me to come in. I went to the door and looked in and saw the black man lying on the floor, I saw blood running out of his nose, and from his back. Tom told me to come in and get some things, I said no.

Tom then took the gun down from the ceiling, he also took a saw, an auger, a box, a cart, Tom took them down into the canoe. After Tom had taken the things out of the house he locked the door and took the key out and threw the key into the salt water. Tom told me to take the box and cart. I would not take them. We then went back to Chemainus. I would not have any of the things. I saw Tom put the box on a shelf in his house. I also saw him [with?] the gun belonging to Robinson in his own house. There was only Tom's wife in the house at Chemainus when we got back with the things.

I staid at Chemainus about five days after the potlatch and then went to Plumper's Pass. I was afraid to tell sooner, Tom told me not to tell anybody, I told my friends that Tom had kill'd the black man at Salt Spring Island.

Sue Tas
his X mark

Witness to the mark
Henry Sampson

Taken and sworn before me at Salt Spring Island the day and the date before named

Jno Morley J.P.

Source: BCA, Attorney General Documents, GR419, John Morley, Sworn Testimony of Sue Tas (Dick), April 7, 1869

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