[ Canada Sugar Refinery Co., employees ]

Unknown, Redpath Sugar Museum, The employees of the Redpath family’s sugar refinery posed for this photograph in 1904

When Ada and Clifford Redpath died in 1901, Montreal was a complex urban centre. It was a city of contrasts, contradictions, and conflicts generated by one hundred years of industrialization and urbanization. The new century heralded an optimism founded on urban development, industrial growth, and technological advances such as the electrification of the city and its tramway.

Built on the slopes of Mount Royal, the Square Mile seemed a self-contained community cocooned by its homes, gardens, and institutions, and detached from the gritty realities faced by most Montrealers. It lay high above the smoke, pandemonium, and effluvium of the factories that the Anglo-Protestant bourgeoisie owned and far away from the industrial workers who laboured in them.



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