Veterans Feted at Celebration


The Canada Sugar Refinery Observes its 50th Year
Sir George A. Drummond Rewards Faithful Employees Amid Acclaim of All.

An interesting celebration took place at the Canada Sugar Refinery yesterday, the occasion being the jubilee of the institution. The day was observed as a holiday and presentations were made and congratulatory addresses presented. Among the former was an address to Sir George Drummond from his employes. That gentleman presented the veterans in his employ with silver services.

The business had its inception in 1854 when on August 12, operations were begun by the late J. J. Redpath. Mr. George A. Drummond, who succeeded him has lately been honoured by King Edward with a knighthood.

The following address was presented to the owner of the institution:

To the Hon. Sir George Drummond, K.C.M.G.:—

Sir,—On this occasion, the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Canada Sugar Refinery, we, your employes deem it a fitting and proper time to give expression to the high regard and esteem we entertain towards you, and to congratulate you upon the high honour conferred on you by His Majesty King Edward the Seventh.

We wish also to return our grateful thanks for the generosity and sympathy which you have always shown towards your employes and their families, in time of trouble and distress.

We sincerely trust and hope that you may long be spared with Lady Drummond to enjoy the recent honour conferred upon you.

On behalf of the employes. (Signed)
Alexander Bower, chairman of committee.
Montreal, August 12, 1904.

A photograph of those present at the celebration was taken prior to the presentation of the addresses. They include the following: —

Mr. James and Mrs. McMenamin, Miss Parker, Mr. E. W. Parker, Mr. Maurice Drummond, Mr. Frank Redpath, Mr. and Mrs. Huntley Drummond, Mr. and Mrs. John Bennett, Father Daniel McMenamin, Mr. Robert and wife, Mr. Charles Senecal, Mr. Alex Bower and wife, Mr. George Bowen and wife, Mr. A. Blomley and wife, Mr. John Colfer, Mr. M. Morrisey, and Mr. John Duncan.

There was also a very pleasant function in advance of the main feature of the celebration at which Sir George Drummond was the presiding officer. On this occasion Sir George presented to Mr. and Mrs. McMenamin, Mr. and Mrs. John Bennett, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Bowen and Mrs. James Robertson, silver tea sets. He also presented loving cups to Mr. McMenamin and Mr. Bower.

Sir George took occasion to thank the employes of the company for their faithfulness and said that in future he would do all in his power to further their interests.

Following the presentation of the address to Sir George Drummond came one to Mr. McMenamin, which was as follows:

We, the employes of the Canada Sugar Refinery Company, Limited, wish to offer you our hearty congratulations upon this golden anniversary of your connection with this company. Your long and successful services have well merited our highest praise and recognition, and we the opportunity this celebration presents, to beg your acceptance of the accompanying purse of gold in token of our good-will and esteem.

On behalf of the committee,

The committee in charge of affairs was as follows: A. Bower, G. Bower, C. Senecal, J. O’Dowd, J. Smith, R. Bennett, J. Haddlesey, R. Lamoureux, J. Colfer, J. Kelly, Louis Mosse, C. Godsall, M. J. McCarthy, M. C. Morrissey, T. Ward, A. H. Thompson, J. G. Gagnon, A. Y. Blomeley, J. Duncan, J. O’Brien, J. Shea, V. Groulx, F. Denniston, F. Pilon, J. Blake, M. Mahoney, N. Brisbois and O. Durocher.

Source: Unknown, "Veterans Feted at Celebration," The Montreal Daily Star, August 13, 1904. Notes: PG, 22

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