Francis Crozier Letter to John Henderson (1845 July 4)

Whale Fish Islands

July 4th 1845

My dear Jack

I do sincerely hope this will find recovered from the effects of your most unfortunate accident often indeed have I thought of it since knowing that it was your kindness in recruiting my companions led you into such a trap - There is no excuse for them at the ship, in short I have no patience with such carelessness. Well old boy we were a long time getting clear of the coast of England & Orkneys our passage across was very boisterous however we are safely moored here & busy clearing the Transport - How full we shall be but I am still in hopes we shall be able to stuff into her three years provisions from the present time - Our steering is decidedly improved by the alterations on the counter mezon sail much more evenly with Erebus which is advantageous to us in many ways - Bergs are numerous this year but we did not stand far enough to the west to make the packed Ice on our passage up Davis Straits - We were two days at Stromness [-] Steamers towed us about 50 miles to westd of land – Rather towed the two vessels at about 5 miles an hour – not bad I think – I would rather be on a sailing vessel I mean as a command - Well Jack I wonder when we shall again meet – some years no doubt – this season will have a good deal to do with our future operations if we can only make a good hit at the first, it will be most glorious - All going on as well as I could wish, every one has fallen very speedily into their places and things are progressing quietly - My time I find is fully occupied with observations of various kinds which I have not as yet instructed our youths in although they are full of zeal and anxiety to do well - Living alone is the great drawback to me, but I know well it cannot be otherwise. I belong to the gregarious tribe of animals I believe but I do not pine much when alone. My Tea and Sugar has not yet turned up, the latter is to me a great loss – however that will be a triffle [sic] if we only make a good seasons work of it - I am sending three men home in Transport reducing our compliment to 62 from 68 which we know is quite enough, too many I would say still - In Fury if you recollect we had only 58 or 60 but now we have more officers which would make us about the same number of working men - If you see anything in newspapers about us send one old Boy to my sisters 2 Sandford Place, Dublin - I mean if it is so that it would give them a favourable impression as to our movements - I intend writing a line to old Bird before we leave - God bless you old Boy and that you may not have any bad affects from your unfortunate accident is the prayer of your serious friend

F.R.M. Crozier

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About this document ...

  • Written by: Francis Crozier
  • Written to: John Henderson
  • Archive: National Maritime Museum
  • Collection: AGC/C/5 Francis Crozier/Correspondence
  • Reference number: MS 248/298/18-20
  • Date: 1845 July 4
  • Page(s): 1-4
  • Notes: Crozier discusses preparations for the final departure of Franklin's last expedition
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