An Offer to Buy the Donnelly Farm Refused.

The feeling in Biddulph still appears to run very high, and popular opinion seems to be divided into two classes — Donnelly and anti-Donnelly. On Thursday last a farmer on the 8th concession, who has been friendly with the Donnellys, had a bee. The next neighbor had an excellent well of water, and some of those present went to his well to get some water. The second time they went the found the following notice posted on the pump: "No water for blackfeet here. Go to old Donnelly's homestead and you will get all you want."

On Wednesday last a number of the Vigilance Commitete [sic] held a bee and cut the thistles on the farm of the prisoner John Kennedy.

Mr. Tom Morkin, of Biddulph, the other day offered the surviving members of the Donnelly family to purchase the old Donnelly homestead from them. The boys would not sell it. [...]

Source: Unknown, "Biddulph Notes — An Offer to Buy the Donnelly Farm Refused," London Advertiser, June 24, 1880.

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