Vigilante Route

[ Vigilante Route, On February 3, 1880 the vigilantes gathered at the Cedar Swamp Schoolhouse (red bordered property).  The black line traces their route as they travelled to the Donnelly homestead (blue bordered property).  The mob then continued on to William's home (purple bordered property). They originally planned to continue on to the home of Jim Keefe (green bordered property), but for whatever reason, they decided to end their killing spree and never went to Keefe's property.  This map is based on a map found in H.R. Page & Co., ILLUSTRATED HISTORICAL ATLAS OF THE COUNTY OF MIDDLESEX published in 1878.   The map was created by Peter McKeown and it originally appeared in A DONNELLY TREATISE: AFTER THE MASSACRE. Thank you to Mr. McKeown for generously allowing us to reproduce the map on this website. , Peter McKeown,   ]

Source: , , , Peter McKeown, Vigilante Route, n.d., . Notes:

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