Kingston Emigrant Agent’s Letter Book

[ Lunch at the Chopping Bee, 1879, Unknown, D.B. Weldon Library, University of Western Ontario AP5.C13 ][...] The Irish portion of the Emigrants of the past months were of the laboring clap and with few exceptions poor. They were aparted from food and transport from Quebec & Kingston and the majority proceeded friends and in search of employment to Toronto Hamilton and the more westerly parts of the Province. I was under the [illegible] of extending relief to a very large proportion of them but on no instance has a pitance or transport been granted from this Agency to young able bodied men or women or the full grown members of any Emigrant family. [...]

Source: Public Archives of Ontario, Kingston Emigrant Agent's Letter Book, RG11-2-0-1, MS6912, Unknown, Kingston Emigrant Agent's Letter Book, n.d..

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