Charles Hutchinson Letter Book 1885-6
p. 689-90

June 26 1886

E F B Johnston Esq,
Depty Atty Genl, Toronto
Dear Sir,
I enclose a letter from Miss Emma Rees Captn of the S.A. [Salvation Army] at Glencoe. It refers to the last of a series of outrages more or less abominable, which have been committed by a party of roughs at Glencoe headed by the notorious Bob Donnelly, who one might almost properly say ‘unhappily' escaped the massacre of the family in Biddulph some few years ago. He & his brother Tom who was slain with the others, were the cause of all the trouble there, which terminated in that terrible tragedy. [...] Unfortunately for Glencoe, Bob & his brother William, who also escaped, finding Biddulph too hot for them, settled in that hithero quiet village & for some time lived there quietly without attracting much attention. But the S.A. invaded the locality, & this proved too much for the restless spirit of Bob Donnelly. [...] They could obtain no protection in Glencoe. It was just as it used to be in Lucan. Well disposed people were afraid to interfere & the roughs had it all their own way. [...] The boys were fined by Mr Hannah & paid their fines with funds mysteriously provided & again in the same way. They were again punished, & this time the event was followed by the burning of the S.A. barracks, which was undoubtedly the act of an incendiary. [...] Donnely & his lieutenant ryan (also a Biddulph man) & some others pleaded guilty, but others contested the matter, & a struggle extending over many days ensued, resulting, as I have said, in convictions & fines.

Source: J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives, Donnelly Family Papers, B4878, File 22, Charles Hutchinson, Charles Hutchinson Letter Book, June 26, 1886.

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