More Lawlessness at Lucan.


Last Friday evening a county constable named Kennedy, who had been in London, and who arrived in Lucan per evening stage, copied a young man, for whom he held a warrant for assault committed some time back. Kennedy jumped off the stage, read the warrant, and took the man in charge. He was not to be so easily captured, however. Drawing a revolver, he threatened to shoot his captor if he did not let him free. Kennedy, who it may be stated that he has but one arm, bravely held to his prisoner, but of course was powerless either to take the revolver from him, or to draw the one which he had in his possession. Observing this, the prisoner again drew the revolver, and commenced to beat the constable most brutally on the face and head - so much so until, as stated by an unwilling spectator to our reporter, the revolver was covered with blood, and the face of the constable was scarcely recognizable. He called to the crowd for assistance - demanded, in fact, that they should "help him in the Queen's name" - but, although some 40 or 50 men had assembled, no one offered the slightest assistance, and of course the constable had to allow his prisoner to escape. What next?

Source: Unknown, "More Lawlessness in Lucan," London Free Press, January 31, 1876.

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