Old-Fashioned Faction Fight in Lucan.

[...] One night last week the villagers were aroused from their slumbers by the firing od revolvers, accompanied by heavy tramping and shouting. This sort of thing was kept up at intervals through the night much to the annoyance of the peaceably-disposed Lucanites, who next morning held committees of enquiry in front of their respective places of business, when the following was arrived at: First, that the "ruction" was occasioned by a friendly meeting of two factions known as "Corkenians" and Tipps," who had met to celebrate a good old fashioned Irish wake in a shanty on the outskirts of the village. Second, that the Council, at their first meeting, should make an addition to the police and petition the County Council for a lock-up.

Source: Unknown, "Old-Fashioned Faction Fight in Lucan," London Advertiser, March 8, 1877.

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