The following touching tribute to Wm. Donnelly has been dedicated to him by an admirer and handed to us for publication:

Wm. Donnelly, the Biddulph Champion.


I've read of Napoleon of old,
Of how he was daringly bold.
And of Wellington at Waterloo,
But Neither was equal to you.

No! neither fought battles alone,
When all friends and armies were gone;
But thou, alone and forsaken,
When earth's strong pillars are shaken,
And the grave now yawning for thee,
No darkness or danger can'st see.

Hurrah! for the land of thy birth,
Though most daring champion of earth!
The land of thy birth is too dear,
That thou should'st forsake it through fear!

The Grave has no terror for thee,
When the smouldering ashes you see-
The ashes of home and friends.
Aye, justice thy courage defends.

Thy brother and cousin lie near,
With father and mother most dear,
And poor John's last piteous roar,
"Oh! Will, I am shot at your door!

When these things return to your mind,
No wonder to danger you're blind!
When the blood which courses your veins,
Rolls back like a wave to your brains,
And dashes its surge on your heart,
No wonder, with life you could part!

Remember that Abel, we're told,
Whose body lay bleaching and cold,
Had blood, which though shed on the ground,
Yet he spoke in a language profound!

The blood of your brother will cry,
And the winds of Biddulph will sigh,
And the ashes they scattered will
Tell tales in the future, dear Bill!

Fret not thyself, for God still lives,
And justice to us all He gives.
And may God bless thee, Will, while here,
And take you to a happy sphere,
When a long life in this you've spent,
Midst affluence and sweet content.


A sensation was caused in the Western Hotel on Wednesday evening by the appearance of Bob Donnelly in the bar-room. He turned around to the crowd and cried, "I want all you murderers to come and have something." No one accepted the invitation, and Bob retired soon after.

Later on a somewhat similar scene occurred at the City Hotel, which resulted in scaring a King street man pretty badly.

Source: Unknown, "Tragedy Items," London Advertiser, February 4, 1881.

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