Purtell still remains in the city. He told our reporter it was not his intention to remain in Biddulph, and he intended to look for a job of work elsewhere.

It is suggested that the name of Biddulph be changed.

Wm. Donnelly is now living at Lucan. His business is in the horse line, from which he gains a livelihood.

Patrick Donnelly is a resident of Glencoe, in which village he carries on a large blacksmithing business. He is looked upon as a first-class mechanic, is attentive to his business, temperate in his habits, and spoken of very highly as a citizen and mechanic.

Bob Donnelly was in the city on Thursday. His home at present is in Biddulph, but he intends ere long removing to Lucan.

Source: Unknown, "After The Trial," London Advertiser, February 5, 1881.

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