Justice Armour Remarks on Causes of Crime

- JUSTICE ARMOUR, in addressing a grand jury at Goderich assizes, held a short time ago, among other things, said "that the primary cause of a large portion of crime in this country was idleness, which was largely fostered by the luxurious comforts of our county gaols. And so well known were these comforts that our gaols were becoming rapidly filled with vagrants and tramps, who through design committed crime, and the result was that they were confined for months at the expense of the hardworking and honest yeoman, and in many cases the prison comforts both of bed and board of this class of prisoners are superior to those of the law-abiding and orderly taxpayer."

Source: Unknown, "Justice Armour Remarks on Causes of Crime," Listowel Banner, April 2, 1880.

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