A Heavy Charge Fired at Constable Everett, of Lucan.

As announced in our issue of last evening, a most dastardly attempt has been made on the life of Constable Everett, of Lucan village. It was by the barest chance that the intended victim escaped an instantaneous death. The facts seem to be that the constable was on his way home about midnight, Monday, and as he reached his front door, he stopped a moment to fondle his dog, when a heavy charge of buckshot was driven into the door of his dwelling. His hand was on the knob of the door, and within a foot of this spot ten large-sized buckshot were picked out yesterday morning. The shot was fired from behind a large pile of wood in the neighborhood of Stanley’s mills, and that the attempted assassination was deliberate is shown in the fact that a rest had been improvised and deliberate aim taken. The gun hung fire for a few seconds, and the constable, hearing the snap of the cap, had time to look around and see the flash of the gun as it went off. The moment of the firing the dastard who had attempted the deed started to run, and the constable went after him, but he dodged around the corner of the wood-pile before Everett could get his revolver to bear on him. There were three of the miscreants, all in their stooking feet and there is a strong probability that they will be brought to justice. This is sincerely to be hoped. Constable Everett has had frequent attempts made on his life, and makes it a practice when going home at night to carry his revolver cocked in his hand, and it was only by the merest accident he did not have it when the daring attempt was made to assassinate him.

Source: Unknown, "Another Outrage - Cold-Blooded Attempt At Murder - A Heavy Charge Fired at Constable Everett, of Lucan," London Advertiser, March 20, 1878.

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