A Practical Commentary on the Recent East Northumberland Talk.

MONTREAL, May 18. The Tory party, in Montreal at least, has been industriously at work to cause the Irish Catholics to believe that they were betrayed in the East Northumberlan contest, and the Tory candidate beaten because he was a Roman Catholic. The Post to-day shows very clearly how much the Catholic readers of that journal have to expect from the Tory leaders of Montreal when any of them happens to obtain a lance-corporal’s commission in the public service. The Post shows that Irish Catholics were boycotted in the invitations to the recent public dinner given to Sir Hugh Allan. Commenting in this the Post says: It is only fair to give the names of the active spirits of the Committee, the circle within a circle, around which everything revolved, and whom we charge with a piece of insolent bigotry, as stupid as it was foolish. For sure are we that there were gentlemen on the Committee and the majority at that who would scorn to descend to anything half so mean. The names we refer to as being the leading spirits in the banquet are M. H. Gault, M. P., A.W. Ogilvie, and Richard White, manager of the Gazette . These men were appointed by Roman Catholics as well as Protestants to carry out the arrangements of a public banquet. Why they allowed religious bigotry to interfere with the discharge of their duty is for them to explain.

Source: Unknown, "Tories And Catholics: A Practical Commentary on the Recent East Northumberland Talk," The Globe, May 19, 1881.

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