Glencoe Transcript, Jan. 11, 1883

A report comes form the township of Biddulph that the elder of the Maher boys, who were believed at one time to be implicated in the Biddulph tragedy, has become deranged in mind. The malady is said to have manifested itself first about Christmas, and to have become so alarming since that time as occasionally to require the efforts of several persons to restrain the young man's violence. The most prominent feature in connection with his mental aberration is said to be an incessant desire to see Mr. Hutchinson, County Crown Attorney, and some go so far as to believe that an early interview might result in important revelations with respect to the tragedy which up to the present time has remained shrouded in mystery.

Source: Unknown, "Glencoe Transcript," Glencoe Transcript, January 11, 1883. Notes: Transcription, J.J. Talman Regional Collection, University of Western Ontario Archives, Reaney Papers, Box 22 (B1308), File 1.

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