Deposition of James Feeheley, February 1880

JAMES FEEHELY [FEEHELEY]. - I live in Biddulph; I was acquainted with the Donnelly family; I was at Mr. Donnelly’s the night of the murder; [...] I saw Mrs. Donnelly, Thomas Donnelly and Bridget Donnelly; [...] I heard someone talking which to the best of my opinion was old Mr. Donnelly; [...] after leaving Donnelly’s I went to Mr. Whelan’s nearly opposite; [...] after leaving Whelan’s I went home; I live about three-quarters of a mile, more or less, from Whelan’s; I passed Thompson’s house that evening going home; I also passed the school; I saw about three people down the road from the school; when I saw them first I thought they were standing; I didn’t come up to them on the road; I came up to them at Thompson’s gate; I came up to James Carroll and James Ryder; [...] James Carroll told me that the society was going to put down the Donnellys one way or another; I can’t tell his words but that is the purport of it; he told me to shun the Donnellys; [...]

Source: Public Archives of Ontario, Irving Fonds, F1027, 82 80, MS6500, Unknown, "Deposition of James Feeheley," February 31, 1880.

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